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Kira-Lee de Wit
From the moment I met Paul, he made the entire experience stress free!

I got my daith done a few months back and the entire process was so smooth, with every questioned answered in a such a professional way helping choose the jewelry that I was comfortable with, the colour and size of it, to the process of the piercing, he made me feel so comfortable.

The entire studio is well above what you expect, perfect lighting, immaculate clean conditions and fabulous service!

i am looking forward to my future piercings, and would highly recommend

Cheryl Lim
Great professional service and advice by Leanne and Paul. Good quality jewellery and helped with all my enquiries. I came specifically from Adelaide to see them. I would not hesitate to recommend them for piercings and really good quality jewellery.

Ashlee Jeffries
Super professional, knowledgeable, clean and great atmosphere. Excellent quality of jewellery available as well.

Stacey Rider
Incredible and efficient service. Came in with a mystery metal nose ring that was bugging me and breaking down. Got new high quality jewellery and got it put in as well! In and out in like 10 minutes; thanks so much!

Ziggy Aus
Very professional service. Exceptionally clean premises and v friendly and knowledgeable staff... highly recommended

Janitta Wagstaff
AMAZING Piercers, great experience and top notch in everything they do. Highly recommend this shop for anyone wanting professional high quality piercings and jewellery.

Munir Syed
Disposable marking pens and disposing of needles after each use, knowing everything about the products and services he is selling. Made me feel comfortable and relaxed and even let me play Three Little Birds by Bob Marley during the process. 5/5 stars, would recommend if you want a professional and safe piercing specialist. Pricing of the actual earpiece start at 50-70$ but are titanium grade, I have issues with sensitive skin so titanium piercings are what I was after.