Earlobe  $25 
Helix  $40
Conch  $40
Tragus  $40
Anti Tragus  $40
Rook  $40
Daith  $40
Snug  $40
Industrial  $50
Orbital  $50




Eyebrow  $45  
Bridge  $50
Nostril  $40
Septum  $50
Tongue  $50
Lip  $45
Labret  $45
Beauty Spot  $45
Vertical Labret  $45
Philtrum  $45
Cheeks  $80



Nipple  $50  
Navel  $50
Surface  $60
 Dermals  $50
Genitals  $90




The prices provided are cost for the piercing only, not including jewellery. Why we do this is so that you are given total freedom in what style of jewellery suits you, and we can help advise on metal allergies, swelling and thickness/length that will facilitate the best healing. The piercing prices are these amounts due to the high needs required in store to facilitate the high level of sterility, quality of machines, products and training to provide our customers with the safest possible piercing environment and experience. So for a little more cost in the piercing price you are getting state of the art sterilisation machines, hospital grade disinfectants, leading implant grade quality jewellery and multi certified piercers who are trained in more than just Maintaining Infection Control. 

“You wouldn’t come to a piercer for a haircut, so why would you go to a hair dresser for a piercing?” – Paul Errington

Half price of second piercing

If you choose to have two of the same piercings in the same sitting, we will perform the second piercing for half price.

We accept Cash – EFTPOS – Visa – Mastercard – Bank card

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Gift Vouchers also available