About us

Flesh Impressions was established by Paul Errington in March 1997. The Broadbeach studio has been the Gold Coast's number one Body Piercing Studio since its opening in and has continued to be one of the leading studios in Australia, being one of only 9 in the country using only the highest quality body jewellery from the world's top manufacturers. We care about our clients and ensure we continue growing and learning and moving forward with the quality piercing industry as it evolves. We operate to the highest possible standards and always ensure your visit with us is as smooth, safe and enjoyable as possible. 

Flesh Impressions is Queensland Health Department registered

Every piercer in the studio is Health Department Certified in Maintaining Infection Control

Flesh Impressions are proud to be Queensland's one and only APP member.


The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) is an international health and safety organisation. It is a nonprofit voluntary alliance dedicated to the dissemination of information about body piercing. Governed by a voluntary elected Board of Directors, the APP is a united group of piercing professionals that freely shares information to help fellow members, piercers, health care professionals, legislators, health inspectors, and the general public get the best and most up-to-date information about body piercing.

Australia has no standardised training and is unregulated for body piercing, this allowing sup-par piercers and not being as safe as it should be. Although APP does not 'certify" piercers it does uphold a strict and high standard for membership; this standard is for jewellery quality, knowledge and actively putting the knowledge into practice regarding heath and safety and cleanliness and studio safety. 

Being an APP member verifies that we not only use the best quality jewellery for all piercings, and that our studio meets high standards that allow us to deliver the safest and best possible results for body piercings but we are continually improving and expanding our knowledge and actively put this into practice.