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Gold Coasts Body Piercing Professionals

Flesh Impressions is a professional body piercing studio located at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast of Australia, directly across from the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

We offer all ear, facial, oral, navel, nipple, surface and genital piercings, surface anchors (dermals) and lots more in a friendly, clean, safe, and sterile environment.

Appointments only. Occasionally, we can accomodate walk in appointments depending on how busy our day is! We prefer you to book an appointment by contacting us.

"We specialise in Body Piercing - from ear lobes to genital piercing and lots more, simple jewellery changes to more complex stretching techniques. If it's related to body piercing we do it, and do it well, with safety being our No 1 priority."
Paul Errington - Owner of Flesh Impressions

The body jewellery section of the business is focused on high quality jewellery to suit your anatomical shape, size and sensitivities. To facilitate this, Flesh Impressions provides a large array of international sourced jewellery, and local made custom pieces in all sorts of metals, stones and sets to cover all of your jewellery needs. Flesh Impressions strives to keep up with seasonable jewellery and piercing trends and aims to educate the clientele on what is healthy to wear in their body whilst healing and healed.

Flesh Impressions consists of a very close team of highly trained and experienced piercers who provide body piercing with absolute precision and expertise. What sets Flesh Impressions apart from all the rest is its ethics and ideologies. The ethos of Flesh Impressions is that of positivity and the furthering of the community, both pierced and non-pierced. We facilitate a healthy environment of the upmost sterility that goes above and beyond government certifications. We also encourage the education of the community and fellow piercing professionals as a whole, whilst continuing to push the boundaries of piercing stereotypes and gain a deeper understanding of the age old movement of body piercing.

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